My poor little neglected blog. If only the photos edited and uploaded themselves :)
This was one of the most hilarious weekends in a long time … what a sweet group of people & what amazing hosts!


Starting with the costume party … Farmer Riley :)


We were Monk & Monkette.


The exterminator rudely interrupted our solitaire meditations …


But inner peace is not about what’s around you right, so we got back atter.


Best Looking Mobil Employees I’ve Seen


Pretty Little Hula Dancer




Kels came as her pa :)

amanda_affleck_photos_1083 amanda_affleck_photos_1085 amanda_affleck_photos_1086

Napoleon :D

amanda_affleck_photos_1087 amanda_affleck_photos_1088

Dictators …

amanda_affleck_photos_1089 amanda_affleck_photos_1090

Astronaut Andy gettin’ all hot and bothered.

amanda_affleck_photos_1091amanda_affleck_photos_1092amanda_affleck_photos_1093amanda_affleck_photos_1095amanda_affleck_photos_1096amanda_affleck_photos_1097amanda_affleck_photos_1098 amanda_affleck_photos_1099 amanda_affleck_photos_1100

Window Cleaner

amanda_affleck_photos_1102 amanda_affleck_photos_1103

Vintage Golfer

amanda_affleck_photos_1104 amanda_affleck_photos_1105

There goes the stogie!

amanda_affleck_photos_1106 amanda_affleck_photos_1108 amanda_affleck_photos_1109 amanda_affleck_photos_1110

Bell Boy


A Wet Nurse!

amanda_affleck_photos_1112 amanda_affleck_photos_1113amanda_affleck_photos_1114 amanda_affleck_photos_1115 amanda_affleck_photos_1116


amanda_affleck_photos_1118 amanda_affleck_photos_1119 amanda_affleck_photos_1120amanda_affleck_photos_1121 amanda_affleck_photos_1122 amanda_affleck_photos_1123

Phenomenal Meal

amanda_affleck_photos_1124 amanda_affleck_photos_1125

Creme Brule in the making :)

amanda_affleck_photos_1127 amanda_affleck_photos_1126  amanda_affleck_photos_1128 amanda_affleck_photos_1129 amanda_affleck_photos_1130 amanda_affleck_photos_1131 amanda_affleck_photos_1132

Love ❤

amanda_affleck_photos_1133 amanda_affleck_photos_1134 amanda_affleck_photos_1135amanda_affleck_photos_1136 amanda_affleck_photos_1137 amanda_affleck_photos_1138 amanda_affleck_photos_1139 amanda_affleck_photos_1140 amanda_affleck_photos_1141 amanda_affleck_photos_1142 amanda_affleck_photos_1143 amanda_affleck_photos_1144 amanda_affleck_photos_1145 amanda_affleck_photos_1146

The “Talent” Show

amanda_affleck_photos_1147 amanda_affleck_photos_1148 amanda_affleck_photos_1149 amanda_affleck_photos_1150

Our Johnny Cash Attempt

amanda_affleck_photos_1151 amanda_affleck_photos_1152amanda_affleck_photos_1153 amanda_affleck_photos_1154 amanda_affleck_photos_1155 amanda_affleck_photos_1156

This girl has some pretty mean rap skills ...

amanda_affleck_photos_1157 amanda_affleck_photos_1158 amanda_affleck_photos_1159 amanda_affleck_photos_1160 amanda_affleck_photos_1161

More Crowd Surfing!


Somebooody had the idea to build a human pyramid in the living room (ahhem Andy) …

amanda_affleck_photos_1163 amanda_affleck_photos_1164 amanda_affleck_photos_1165 amanda_affleck_photos_1166 amanda_affleck_photos_1167 amanda_affleck_photos_1168 amanda_affleck_photos_1169 amanda_affleck_photos_1170

Flexible Little Miss

amanda_affleck_photos_1171 amanda_affleck_photos_1173 amanda_affleck_photos_1174


Voice of an angel :)


Walkin’ on coals …


That’s it in a nutshell! Such a good time.

Comin’ Down The Pipeline

I’m packin’ in a lotta kms this summer. Not kiddin. It’s resulting in a lotta photos … but not so much time to get em all up! They’ll come as soon as I can squeeze it into an evening. For a taste, this is one of the sadder things that has happened to us … the poor Corona finally gave up the ghost and left us stranded. And I am still in mourning because I loved her.


But lots of good things have happened too! Which I will share as soon as possible. Right now I’m in dire need of zzz’s from a busy little weekend. Chow for now!

Turn Your Face Toward The Sun

Might as well start with the food. To-Go barley and kale salad.


amanda_affleck_photos_1013 amanda_affleck_photos_1014 amanda_affleck_photos_1015

I’m just so happy to be in a kitchen where I can cook my simple one-person meals. My energy level was taking a beating trying to survive on the healthiest items from fast food places (12 grain bagels at Tims, salads and wraps at Mackers, Booster Juice smoothies). Nothin’ like real food.

amanda_affleck_photos_1016 amanda_affleck_photos_1017 amanda_affleck_photos_1018


Ohh I love you baby Royal ❤

amanda_affleck_photos_1019 amanda_affleck_photos_1020

Even with your cellulite bum … ;)


Mosaic in Regina – I love-loved the Ukranian pavillion.

amanda_affleck_photos_1022 amanda_affleck_photos_1023

Costume after costume … this isn’t even all of them. Soo cool ❤

amanda_affleck_photos_1024 amanda_affleck_photos_1025 amanda_affleck_photos_1026

Keeping Number 11 Hot

amanda_affleck_photos_1027 amanda_affleck_photos_1028 amanda_affleck_photos_1029 amanda_affleck_photos_1030 amanda_affleck_photos_1031 amanda_affleck_photos_1032

Morning Stretches with this beautiful light ❤

amanda_affleck_photos_1033 amanda_affleck_photos_1034

A random shot from dirtbiking weekend. Poor V was wiiiped (fallin’ asleep at the comp).


Wedding Season is here ❤


These two special people ❤


“One-shot wonder” does not describe us.

amanda_affleck_photos_1038Was diggin’ the Poloroid images though – so fun ❤

amanda_affleck_photos_1039 amanda_affleck_photos_1040 amanda_affleck_photos_1041

Coffee at Le Macaron with a very special old friend ❤

amanda_affleck_photos_1042 amanda_affleck_photos_1043

Energetic little Milan ❤ ❤

amanda_affleck_photos_1044 amanda_affleck_photos_1045 amanda_affleck_photos_1046 amanda_affleck_photos_1047

Always good to be reunited ❤



Don’t ask ❤


Oops. How could I forget. We also had a lovely weekend in Red Deer recently.


Dane took me on a big walk of the perimiter of this golf course he worked at most of his youth ❤

amanda_affleck_photos_1052 amanda_affleck_photos_1053

So beautiful.

amanda_affleck_photos_1054 amanda_affleck_photos_1055 amanda_affleck_photos_1056

We cycled down some of RD’s amazing paths to Ramzi’s birthday party …

amanda_affleck_photos_1057 amanda_affleck_photos_1058

And then Sunday was the annual Father’s Day Lobster Feast ❤

amanda_affleck_photos_1059 amanda_affleck_photos_1060 amanda_affleck_photos_1061 amanda_affleck_photos_1062

So fun to see these two soon-to-be-weds ❤ Such a sweet duo.


We’ll have one more reason to visit TO :)

amanda_affleck_photos_1064 amanda_affleck_photos_1065

There. That’s all. For now.

Vintage Dirtbike Weekend

This was a pretty hilarious weekend overall. Attendees were to bring a bike older than 1986, in order to compete for first prize (below).


This is one of the cutest little ladies I have ever met. She is SUCH a little darling personality.


This is me giving a wee ride to another one of my favorite little ladies.

amanda_affleck_photos_0961 amanda_affleck_photos_0962

Love this little mouse ❤

amanda_affleck_photos_0963 amanda_affleck_photos_0964

Two little tomboys rippin’ up the yard ❤



This is the bustling shop.


This is a redneck helmet in the works.


Meticulously designed by these creative minds.


Been awhile since these two graced the Affleck homestead with their presence!

amanda_affleck_photos_0972 amanda_affleck_photos_0973 amanda_affleck_photos_0974 amanda_affleck_photos_0975

This is a classic shot of dad and Zeus ❤


Puttin’ out the vintage vibes …

amanda_affleck_photos_0978 amanda_affleck_photos_0979 amanda_affleck_photos_0980 amanda_affleck_photos_0981 amanda_affleck_photos_0982 amanda_affleck_photos_0983

This is my big brother, channeling Super Mario …

amanda_affleck_photos_0984 amanda_affleck_photos_0985 amanda_affleck_photos_0986 amanda_affleck_photos_0987 amanda_affleck_photos_0988

amanda_affleck_photos_0989 amanda_affleck_photos_0990

This is one heckuva couple ❤


This is Raegan realizing mid-mud race that his phone is still in his pocket …

amanda_affleck_photos_0992 amanda_affleck_photos_0993 amanda_affleck_photos_0994

One of the many wipeouts to be had by father Affleck in the mudhole …

amanda_affleck_photos_0995 amanda_affleck_photos_0996 amanda_affleck_photos_0997

Quite the balloon shirt ya got goin’ on there …


This is my boyfriend.


This is my father.

amanda_affleck_photos_1000 amanda_affleck_photos_1001 amanda_affleck_photos_1002 amanda_affleck_photos_1003 amanda_affleck_photos_1004


These are some deee-licioius homemade donuts (I ate way more than was socially acceptable).

amanda_affleck_photos_1006 amanda_affleck_photos_1007 amanda_affleck_photos_1008 amanda_affleck_photos_1009

And these are some terrible Sunday photos (super over-exposed) of the ladies.


And this is a link to my little sister’s video of the weekend:

On The Line

Last week (or the week before, I can’t member, everything’s blurring together) … I jumped at the chance to do a project that would allow me to get some promotional snaps for the biz. I love Big Sky Rail country.

Getting there is half the fun. I ❤ gravel roads and fresh, country air.

amanda_affleck_photos_0907 amanda_affleck_photos_0908 amanda_affleck_photos_0910

amanda_affleck_photos_0911 amanda_affleck_photos_0912

This is your fair warning. There’s going to be way too many pics of my favorite spot in the entire world coming up.

amanda_affleck_photos_0913 amanda_affleck_photos_0914 amanda_affleck_photos_0915 amanda_affleck_photos_0917

amanda_affleck_photos_0918 amanda_affleck_photos_0920 amanda_affleck_photos_0921 amanda_affleck_photos_0922 amanda_affleck_photos_0923

amanda_affleck_photos_0925 amanda_affleck_photos_0926 amanda_affleck_photos_0928 amanda_affleck_photos_0929 amanda_affleck_photos_0932

What did I tell you! I couldn’t get enough … in love with this place.


More back road scenery ❤

amanda_affleck_photos_0935 amanda_affleck_photos_0936 amanda_affleck_photos_0937 amanda_affleck_photos_0938 amanda_affleck_photos_0939 amanda_affleck_photos_0940 amanda_affleck_photos_0941 amanda_affleck_photos_0942 amanda_affleck_photos_0943 amanda_affleck_photos_0945 amanda_affleck_photos_0946 amanda_affleck_photos_0947

amanda_affleck_photos_0950 amanda_affleck_photos_0951 amanda_affleck_photos_0952

Glidden Oil Transloading

amanda_affleck_photos_0953 amanda_affleck_photos_0954

After a full day on Big Sky, I spent the next day between Saskatoon and Regina, and popped in on yet another transload day.


I was literally crawling up and down and in between every inch of the locos (which are grease covered). After wrecking 2 sets of clothes, I learned my lesson and picked up the only pair of coveralls that fit from Peavey … they just so happened to be pink :)


But they did the trick. I felt much better under the locos!

amanda_affleck_photos_0956 amanda_affleck_photos_0957 amanda_affleck_photos_0959

And that’s my little field trip. Actually I put on almost 900kms so it wasn’t all that little!

PS – I have an excess of photos from life lately. I just have to get time to blog em all! Don’t give up on me … someday I’ll get my flow back :P

Medley of May

As usual, this post is heavily polluted with food pics ;) I’m a fat kid at heart.


There’s a new eatery in town ❤ and it’s called Nosh and I love it.

amanda_affleck_photos_0863 amanda_affleck_photos_0864

Leopold’s (used to be Fainting Goat)

amanda_affleck_photos_0865 amanda_affleck_photos_0866 amanda_affleck_photos_0867

Regina Symphony ❤ Loooved this.

amanda_affleck_photos_0868 amanda_affleck_photos_0869

We made mom a lunch on Mother’s Day …

amanda_affleck_photos_0870 amanda_affleck_photos_0871 amanda_affleck_photos_0872

Salmon looked a little sad :S

amanda_affleck_photos_0873 amanda_affleck_photos_0874 amanda_affleck_photos_0875 amanda_affleck_photos_0876

Supper at Greko’s so she didn’t have to cook!



Worked out of Regina one day last week on a special project. Regina = lunch date with my missing boyfriend ❤

amanda_affleck_photos_0892 amanda_affleck_photos_0889 amanda_affleck_photos_0891 amanda_affleck_photos_0890

Helping out at the Transload in Aylesbury ❤

amanda_affleck_photos_0893 amanda_affleck_photos_0894 amanda_affleck_photos_0895


And then off to Invermere for a weekend at the cabin!

amanda_affleck_photos_0898 amanda_affleck_photos_0897

I made some bad calls so most of the weekend my camera was dead :(

amanda_affleck_photos_0879 amanda_affleck_photos_0880

Sleeping Beauties …


Supper out with my roomies at Congress :D

amanda_affleck_photos_0882 amanda_affleck_photos_0883 amanda_affleck_photos_0884 amanda_affleck_photos_0885 amanda_affleck_photos_0886 amanda_affleck_photos_0887 amanda_affleck_photos_0888

We be movin’ … can’t wait for a spacious room, ahhhh!


Run around the river, such a pretty route ❤

amanda_affleck_photos_0900 amanda_affleck_photos_0901 amanda_affleck_photos_0902 amanda_affleck_photos_0903 amanda_affleck_photos_0904 amanda_affleck_photos_0905 amanda_affleck_photos_0906

All Over The Map

Brace yourself – this is a long one.
I’ve put on a few miles lately :) At the beginning of the month B and I were down to Eston, SK to train some fine folks on rail billing software. On the way home, we stopped at the latest oil site in Plato and the latest grain cart loading site in Elrose (towns on one of our shortlines). It’s so exciting to see it all in real life!


Little bro’s were packing the site after the spring melt-off had made it a mud hole …

amanda_affleck_photos_0766 amanda_affleck_photos_0767  amanda_affleck_photos_0769

Lunch one day with this beautiful, blue-eyed babe and her momma :)


It’s not all roses and sunshine in the rail business – this was one of several washouts where the track runs through the valley that was caused by spring melt. It took a team of excellent men almost a week to get it back into shape.

amanda_affleck_photos_0772 amanda_affleck_photos_0773

Morning breakfast with my boy at Earth Bound Bakery – one of my favorite places in Saskatoon.

amanda_affleck_photos_0774 amanda_affleck_photos_0775

Swiss chard, proscuitto-wrapped asparagus (a Pinterest fail), and burgers with PC Thins and major toppings – I’m already missing suppers with my boyfriend (he moved to Queen City for the summer).

amanda_affleck_photos_0776 amanda_affleck_photos_0777

Look who won Rookie of the Year on one of his hockey teams


There’s a new cafe in town … The Local :)

amanda_affleck_photos_0779 amanda_affleck_photos_0781

I adore these lovely ladies :)


Set up shop in the Coworking section of 220 one day to do a blitz on a reaaal boring re-formatting job …


This view had me stop and snap.


These 3 are a breath of fresh air on a bustling work day ❤

amanda_affleck_photos_0785 Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset

Implementing Safety Management Plan for our railroaders ❤


Oh my word, I love this boy ❤ ❤ ❤


More cuties ❤


Velare Rossi tearin’ up the farm on his little quad :)


My handyman switching the Buick to summer tires.


Nothin’ like leaving house hunting til the eleventh hour :P


Succulents at 13th Ave Coffee House ❤

amanda_affleck_photos_0793 amanda_affleck_photos_0794

Back at the farm, the boys were busy making a track for their upcoming Vintage Dirtbike Party. Yes that’s a car buried in there :) And yes, someone’s already biffed hitting it.


Family supper at Rock Creek ❤


Freshly washed engines ❤


Little darlings ❤


Ahkk ❤

amanda_affleck_photos_0799 amanda_affleck_photos_0800

A mid-week, late-night trip to Regina …


And back to Saskatoon before 9 :P


At times, working with all men, it is all I can do to hold my tongue and tell them to grow up. But then there is this one sweet fella who is older, wiser, doesn’t complain about petty things, and brings me chocolate :)


Another Earthbound lunch …


If you haven’t checked this place out, you definitely should. It’s my go to. Can you just smell the fresh bread!


I turned 23! Was so impressed with my boyfriend who whipped up a delicious cake with whipped cream n berries ❤ ❤ ❤


Has anyone else been going into withdrawals from only wearing boring winter shoes? I can’t wait to get the f u n shoes out again!


I insta’d a pic of the back 40 where I used to run all the time. I just don’t know if it gets any prettier than this and it was in my own backyard! I knew I’d miss it and I do … it’s always prettiest early in the morning or just before dusk, so that’s my fav time to run.

amanda_affleck_photos_0808 amanda_affleck_photos_0810 amanda_affleck_photos_0811 amanda_affleck_photos_0812

Friday we were off to Calgary. Suit shopping for my little lawyer ❤


And then a birthday date night at Market in Calgary ❤

amanda_affleck_photos_0814 amanda_affleck_photos_0815

Food was dee.lish.


Let’s pretend that this chive covered salmon was mine (not the burger n fries that follow) …

amanda_affleck_photos_0818 amanda_affleck_photos_0819

I don’t know why I was craving a burger so bad but foodie places always have the best burgers anyway :)


amanda_affleck_photos_0822 amanda_affleck_photos_0823

We spent the rest of the eve catching up with friends and Saturday, before heading off to RD, we had breakfast at Nellies. (Seriously, all my picks were jam-packed so this is where we ended up, but it was kind of funny.)

amanda_affleck_photos_0824 amanda_affleck_photos_0825 amanda_affleck_photos_0826

Nothing like a greasy platter to get your heart pumpin’ …

amanda_affleck_photos_0827 amanda_affleck_photos_0828 amanda_affleck_photos_0829

Later in RD, I was treated to a facial and manicure! Seriously spoiled this year!

amanda_affleck_photos_0830 amanda_affleck_photos_0831

While we were cozied up getting pampered, these boys were fighting through the storm whilst getting some great exercise (biking). Dane has to work pretty hard to keep up with his pops! Poor thing was an icicle when he finally got home.


Sunday Feast


Sweet Ramzi Boy ❤ Missed this little gaffer ❤

amanda_affleck_photos_0834 amanda_affleck_photos_0835

Ohh I was looking forward to cuddles with this wee babes ❤ A bundle of precious.

amanda_affleck_photos_0836 amanda_affleck_photos_0837 amanda_affleck_photos_0838 amanda_affleck_photos_0839 amanda_affleck_photos_0840 amanda_affleck_photos_0841

She sure likes to snooze!

amanda_affleck_photos_0842 amanda_affleck_photos_0843

Waking up momentarily, and then Zonk, back to sleep :)

amanda_affleck_photos_0844 amanda_affleck_photos_0845

Kisses for Uncle ❤

amanda_affleck_photos_0846 amanda_affleck_photos_0847 amanda_affleck_photos_0848

Little helper :)


Zahra doesn’t care that her daddy has been in Canada for 2 years, but the rest of us do :)


The world’s best cheese cake and coffee are right here in this home ❤

amanda_affleck_photos_0851 amanda_affleck_photos_0852

amanda_affleck_photos_0853 amanda_affleck_photos_0854 amanda_affleck_photos_0855

Drivin’ home on a pot-holey road with beautiful views ❤


This is a little project at the office. These are old chunks that I got my brother to collect from the railroad. I put the boards together, rusted the wire, and then got my handy-dandy boyfriend to secure them to boards and hang ❤

amanda_affleck_photos_0857 amanda_affleck_photos_0858 amanda_affleck_photos_0859 amanda_affleck_photos_0860

And this was my joy today. Kombucha and stripes ❤


One more thing – my dream of getting a blogger camera came true on my birthday too!! I now have a beautiful little Sony RX100 to capture all the moments that I don’t want to haul around my 5D for. I.loove.it so far. Soo I am hoping that that helps the lack of postage that has been happening around here :)

La Modern Memoire

Alright folks … this is my big “here goes nothing” moment. For several years now, I’ve been kind of annoyed that no one has invented something like this. I kept thinking if I waited awhile, surely it would show up on the market. But it hasn’t. So I decided to upload my idea to Quirky, and see what happens. Now’s about the time when I could really use YOUR vote:


So what is my idea? Well it addresses something I see as a problem …

The Problem
When’s the last time you printed off a bunch of photos, filed them in a photo album, had a bunch of friends over and flipped through them, fondly remembering the experiences? 
No matter how many versions of online photo sharing are invented, it is hard to replace the old-fashioned combo of a good photo album, the intimacy of your home, your dinner company, and the story-telling aspect of showing your images.

What are the chances of us printing our shots nowadays? The everyday photos? Not a chance! Holiday photos? Well, upon arriving home from our incredible vacation in a tropical Cuba, we eagerly get going on shutterfly, designing a beautiful album that we plan to display on our coffee table … but halfway through the design progress, work/kids/laundry/real life gets in the way and the creation sits stale in cyberspace.

The reality is, we need simple. Really simple.

Enter La Modern Memoire ... The Solution.


La Modern Memoire is a hybrid/inspiration of the following:
-the iPad photo system (simple, clean, flick through images with your finger)
-the gorgeous iPad covers from BookBook (http://www.twelvesouth.com/product/bookbook-for-ipad)
-the Kindle (in the sense that it is a tablet created with one purpose, NOT a multi-functioning device)

Why wouldn’t I just buy and iPad and a BookBook case, and call it a day?
a) because La Modern Memoire is more affordable than an iPad
b) because I don’t want people snooping through my emails, playing games, or surfing the web on this device. It is a conversation creator, and it’s sole purpose is to display photos (but in a more modern, accessible way than printed albums)


I can’t stress enough that the device is meant to be a conversation creator … not just another distracting gadget that stifles true connection.


Do not be mistaken. La Modern Memoire is not the place to DUMP all 700 of your Jamaica photos, only to bore your poor guests into the wee hours. No – this device is for the 75 carefully-selected images that you would willingly spend $0.29/each to print (if you had the time to wait in queue and fart around at your local photo lab).


Can’t you just picture this beautiful little book sitting on your coffee table?


If you want to see this idea come to fruition, I need your vote!!

Click here to vote!

Find the thumbs up, click it, and then either Log In with Facebook or make a Quirky account. I will love ya forever if you help me make this a reality!